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How WTM can help your business

WTM - Skype

Winco Talk Manager for Skype is a control and recording system composed of WTM Agents (at workstations) and Management Portal (in the cloud).

This control is independent of user action. Recordings are automatic, and all communication between the WTM Agent and the servers is encrypted.

Agent installation can be done manually or automatically on AD networks (per GPO).

WTM - Skype for Business

WTM Agent for SFB is installed on your company's local SQL Server (where your Skype for Business archive is located) or on another server connected to it.

Periodically (at a customer-defined time) the agent accesses the SQL Server, identifies new conversations and transmits them encrypted to WTM Servers, where they will be stored for up to 65 months.

WTM - Eikon Messenger

Winco Talk Manager for Eikon Messenger stores conversations regardless of the device, making them available for consultation on the Management Portal.

Once a day (at a customer-defined time), Thomson Reuters sends your recorded conversation history to your server. WTM then imports the conversations and stores them in the database for later reference.

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Gravação obrigatória de clientes

Apresentamos a seguir algumas das leis e normas que tornam obrigatória a gravação, armazenamento e disponibilização da comunicação de empresas com seus clientes, que são funcionalidades do Winco Talk Manager:

Responsabilidade jurídica por uso da internet