Control and recording Skype with 06 years of cloud archiving.

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WTM for Skype

Ready for Skype 8 and Skype Web.

Winco Talk Manager for Skype is a control and archiving system composed of WTM Agents (in stations) and Management Portal.

Because it is a cloud-based solution, control and recording can be applied to workstations inside and outside the network, independently of user action, making it ideal for businesses with branch offices and external users.

This product is offered in three versions to suit different business needs, as shown below.

WTM versions
WTM Enterprise WTM Professional WTM Standard
20 or more workstations 10 or more workstations 05 or more workstations
Chats Features
Archiving Time1 06 years2 02 years 01 years
Recording and viewing
Real-time monitoring
Voice Calls Features
Archiving Time1 06 years2 02 years 01 years
Recording and download unlimited 02-hours/day per workstation 20-minutes/day per workstation
Skype/Skype and Skype/Phone recording
Search for period, user and contact
Usage control
Blocking and Allowing Calls and Chats
Enabling and Disabling Recording
Blocking and allowing file transfers
List of contacts allowed per user
WTM Management
Control panel
Rules per user
Multiple administrators and profiles 02 maximum
Two-Factor authentication

1. According to the period informed in this table or to the termination of the contract, whichever occurs first. In case of termination of the contract, an additional period of 30 days will be granted for viewing and downloading, with no additional cost.
2. Or as defined by the internal policies of the contracting company.

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